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Weekly Picks: 2014-07-14

I’m trying something new. Posting my evernote web clips from the past week. We’ll see if I can do it every week. I’m going to give it my best.

Amazon Cognito

This looks like Amazon play at being a SSO as a Service. I always thought they were going to try to merge it in with IAM, but I can see why they didn’t. They are very different things. The cool thing is that you can store and sync across devices apparently. I don’t know much about the service yet, but definitely plan on checking it out soon.

Amazon Zocalo

Amazon’s second offering this week. It looks like it’s they’re offering to compete with Google Drive and potentially dropbox. Seems like a decent multi-user real time document contribution service. I kind of doubt that I’ll be using it any time soon though.


Looks like a way to get around CORs purely in the browser. Have no idea how it works, but it caught my eye,

Coreutils View

This was pretty cool. It adds progress monitoring to a few coreutil commands (cp, mv, dd, tar, gzip, cat, etc). Going to give this a show. You run the command after you run the other commands though. I wonder if you could integrate it in the tmux bar?


Just want it sounds like. Create a table from a foriegn schema.

New Raspberry PI (model B+)

Seems neat. I don’t have a raspberry pi, but I’ve been considering one to run a monitor a company dashboard locally. Probably overkill, but who cares :).

TLDR;: * More GPIO * More USB * Micro SD * Lower power consumption * Better audio * Neater form factor


I have no idea what this is really supposed to be. I gave it a very brief scan. Seems like it’s trying to be a single web framework to run multiple programming languages under. No idea how that’s supposed to work. Sounds cool though. I’ll probably give it a look given all the SOA related things I’ve been doing lately.

Bitly: Scaling to 6 billion clicks a month

Overview about lessons learned at Bitly. I need to give the talk (the second link) a good watch this weekend.

Algorithm: The Hacker Movie

Do you even need to ask? Cap’n Crunch liked it. Of course I’m going to watch it.

New Parallella boards

If a new Raspberry PI wasn’t enough, there are new Parallella’s as well. Probably won’t buy one for a bit, but interested. One of them is actually touted as be a “Desktop” personal computer. I call bullshit given the spec, but what the heck, who knows.

SQLite: Small. Fast. Reliable.

Nice little article reminding us that SQLite is actually a cool little DB.

Google’s Project Zero

Google’s going to help keep us all safe on the internet now. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here. I think they’re just putting a bunch of security researchers in a room and trying to beat black hats to zero day vulnerabilities.

iTerm 2 (2.0)_

Version 2.0 of iTerm 2 (is there an echo?) dropped this week. I’ve already used triggers to try to help me stop typing full commands that I have aliases for. I’m also going to give a look at the tmux integration. I’ll probably just stick with my vanilla tmux, but who knows. It could be cool.

The Tao of Programming

Totally forgot about this. Always a classic though. If you’ve never read it, I highly recommend it. It’s worth it.

Why We Use OCaml

I know next to nothing about OCaml, but after reading this, I know a little more than I did.

Official Google Analytics iPhone App

Looks pretty slick. If I used Google Analytics more, I’d be all over it. Soon enough I’ll pull it down and try it.

Learn facts while pulling code changes

A colleague of mine at AlphaSights wrote an awesome pro tip on coderwall. Check it out and learn something with every pull.